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Five Name Suggestions for Jason Mraz's Enormous Band

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Even if easy target John Mayer has gone into hiding after the Cavs/Heat Jerseygate, there's still flower-child acoustic guru Jason Mraz to kick around. The singer/songwriter has not only landed several daft hits on Billboard charts over the years but he regularly updates a blog called Freshness Factor Five Thousand, which seems hell-bent on charming his fans -- and annoying anyone else who can't deal with this level of cheesy positivity!

Regarding a recent posting soliciting recommendations for his nine-man touring ensemble (if he doesn't just stick with El DeBarge), we thought it apt to drink a spirulina smoothie and sit cross-legged to come up with a few -- exactly five -- names for Mr. Mraz's combo.

In the words of our noodly inspiration himself:

Each day is a gift - and each day we are invited to come up with new

nomenclature for the 9 guy ensemble that backs me up. Post your ideas in

the comments below and/or send a tweet to @jason_mraz. It doesn't

matter if you're in Mississippi tonight or Korea, your ideas deserve to

be heard, and how!

If each day is a gift, let us be the first to ask for today's receipt!
Here are most of the bros in Jason Mraz's band.

The Mrazmatazz: Literally the worst name County Grind could think of, which might make it the best.

The Low-Hanging Fruit: Read this in a book review the other day, and it was a reminder of the great power of metaphor and predictable chord progressions.

The Double Rainbows (All the Way): Does it come as any surprise that Mraz didn't just laugh about the hippie getting all wrapped up in the double rainbow phenomenon but actually used it as a jumping-off point for some "deeper" thoughts? "So what does it mean to see a double rainbow all the way across the sky?

Only you know the answer to that because you chose to paint it there.

The sky is yours." Chakra?

The Homosexuals: Technically, this name is already taken by a masterful British punk band. Regardless, Mraz has been refreshingly outspoken when it comes to gay rights, charging that same-sex partnership "as old as humanity itself." This is one of the few ways in which County Grind and Lady Gaga agree with him completely.

The Dome Decorations:
This one has probably been used already. There has to be some sort of special gland on Jason Mraz's body that emits trucker caps and fedoras whenever he needs one or the other.

There are something like 4,305 suggestions on his site already. Leave more here, if you wish.

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