Five National Acts We Hope Will Reunite in 2011

On Friday, we gave some suggestions for five local bands we'd like to see reunite in 2011; we also want to see some national bands from the rest of America get back together. If last year's Pavement reunion taught us anything, it's that people will travel for thousands of miles to see a band that they love and grew up with.

To some, the Police reunion of 2007 was a dream come true. Despite all the shit-talking and reported in-fighting, they managed to get it together for the sake of big cash. Like we've said before, we don't care what the motivation is; we just want to see the songs we grew up listening to played by the actual people who wrote the songs.

Here are the five acts we'd like to see re-form this year.

The Cars. Ric Ocasek protégés Weezer have done a terrible job

at carrying the power-synth-pop torch. It's about time the Cars

released a new album. In 2010, they announced plans to reunite; they even

posted a clip of a new song called "Blue Tip" on their Facebook page. But that's all we got. Let's get that album together, guys, or at least give us another illusiontasic music video.

Guns N' Roses. Chinese Democracy was no Appetite for Destruction, and whoever the fuck Axl has onstage with him ain't GNR -- it's all Lies. Axl,

get over it. If Axl reunites with Izzy, Slash, and Duff, then we'll call

it Guns N' Roses. If Axl reunites with just Slash, we'll jump aboard the

night train.

Operation Ivy. Jesse Michaels, ex-lead

singer of Operation Ivy, seems like a nice enough guy, but the bands

he's been in the past 12 years have been terrible substitutes for the

carefree aggression of his original band. Yeah, guitarist Lint Armstrong

and bassist Matt Freeman have been holding it down in Rancid and doing

pretty well for themselves -- but they gotta know that every time

someone goes to a Rancid show, he or she is secretly hoping for a few OP IV

covers or maybe even a guest appearance by Michaels himself. Come on, dudes, do it for the kids -- we're old now.


We haven't seen Big Boi and Andre 3000 in the same room for almost five

years now. These guys perform separately, record separately, and make

appearances separately. Actually, we'd welcome an announcement of a

breakup as much as we would a reunion.


These guys have been "on hiatus" for what seems like generations, and

it's a shame; generations of kids have no idea what it's like to see a

band in a large venue and pay only six bucks for it. We can't think of

another band that did everything entirely its way, with no management,

major label, or mainstream exposure and did everything so well. There

have been hundreds of fugazi Fugazis since 2001's The Argument; bring back the real thing.

Who else needs to get back together in 2011?

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