Five of South Florida's Best Karaoke Bars

This week's New Times feature story explores the thriving karaoke scene in Broward and Palm Beach counties. If you're looking for a place to channel your inner Kelly Clarkson, there's always a show somewhere -- whether you want to sing in drag, in a dimly lit dive bar, or on a stage with a live band. We can't cram all the options into one list, but here's a sampling of five (in no particular order) to inspire you.

Little Munich,

Lake Worth. (Sunday nights) A family-oriented German bar/restaurant,

the crowd here ranges from teeny boppers to punk rockers and retirees.

No judgment here, not even if you sing disco.

Wet Willie's
, West Palm Beach. (Thursday nights) Drink a fruity pink daiquiri while trying to rap like Rihanna. If you're lucky, you might spot Allan Lee, a 79-year-old star of the karaoke scene, rockin' to Ricky Martin.

The Village Well, Fort Lauderdale. (Sunday nights) A mixed crowd of dedicated drunks, Tony Bennett crooners, and football fans, this is a bar where no one cares how you sound, how you dress, or the last time you bathed. Karaoke was made for such dives.

Whiskey Tango, Hollywood. (Tuesday and Thursday nights) An elevated stage and crew of talented karaoke regulars make this spot feel like a real performance. The young, attractive, sports-bar crowd can be intimidating, but you also get to sing with a live band on Thursdays.

South Shores Tavern, Lake Worth. (Friday nights) The colorful cast of regulars here feels like family -- Broadway Pete, Lil' Bit, a guy named Fred who could be the next Cee Lo Green. The DJ wears a Cat in the Hat-style cap, and customers sing close enough to the bar to order a beer between verses.   

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