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Five Points Lounge's Tricounty Gathering, With Askultura, Out of Sorts, Good Shepard, and Die Trying on September 21

There used to be a time when an 18-and-over show would rock almost every weekend between Palm Beach and Monroe and feature at least three genres of music in 'em.

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I guess times have changed, but this Friday at Five Points Lounge, within the Kreepy Tiki Tattoo complex, there will be a return to form. One wonders if that shouldn't be the case more often.

It just seems like a win-win situation, plus most street-punk fans dig ska, rockabilly, HC, and any variation thereof. Math is not my strongpoint, so I'll leave that factoring to the number slingers.

What I do know is a good deal when I see one, and for a miserable fiver, these are mid-'90s prices with mid-'90s local music attitude! What follows is information to prepare you for the acts performing at this Friday's TriCounty Gathering.

Askultura is South Florida's version of a Chicago Earth, Wind & Fire hybrid but a little more punk and reggae. The band is looking to get their debut full-length out in October and expectations are pretty high for this awesome live act and the bong-influence titled Ten Strong Superfunk Skarantella Reggae Rumba Fury.

Rhythm violinist and tap dancer Jennifer Pierre shared the following: "This is what happens when ten people (who would be otherwise be lifelong 9 to 5'ers or stuck in a mental institution on suicide watch) come together and bring to the table ten different perspectives of what music sounds like to them. The result is a collaborations of fierce proportions. Or as our washboard player, The Captain, would put it, 'it's like musical cocaine for your earballs.'"

Askultura - "305"

Joining them onstage will be the street punk/Oi! of Out of Sorts, preaching the gospel, to which I subscribe, of beers and BBQ. On the same tip will be the daring attempts of Die Trying which are respectfully old school in attitude but fresh in execution. It is also nice that they promise an edge of peligro with the seriousness in which they'll die while trying. You gotta give that props!

Die Trying - "Flat Lands"

Rounding out the night will be the infectious and very danceable rock-steady of Good Shepard will offer the proceedings a nice change of pace so you can get your dance on and maybe play a little grab-ass by the bathrooms. Tying all of this together, like he usually does, will be DJ Skidmark and his collection of punk/ska/Oi!/HC and whatever else you could possibly want that beats up and spits on my collection and yours put together.

Let's hope for more multi-genre shows of this caliber to grace our weekends from now on!

Askultura, Die Trying, Good Shepard, Out of Sorts and DJ Skidmark on Friday, September 21st at 9 p.m. at Five Points Lounge, 2608 South Federal Highway, Ft. Lauderdale. Cover is $5 for 18+ entry. Call 305-803-9014 or visit

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