Five Questions about Cee Lo Green's Alleged Ecstasy Sleazery

It's a like a he-said, she-said warzone out there. And Green is trying to avoid a cap in his ass. 

The charges are grizzly: The Top 40 superstar is being accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. 

But there's a few things about this case we can't quite wrap our head around. 

5. 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine or Flunitrazepam?

The alleged victim claims she and Cee Lo had a drink and then she doesn't remember anything else. Oh yeah, she also claims that Cee Lo later admitted to slipping her MDMA. But Molly doesn't make you black out? Assuming Mr. Green put something in this lady's drink, what was it?

4. Who Gave What to Who?

One source told TMZ that there is a recording of Cee Lo discussing the couple taking Ecstasy together, but he never mentions drugging her with it covertly. And another says that's total bullshit because if such a recording existed, Cee Lo would already be behind bars.

3. What Order Did Shit Happen in?

Yo, this bullshit is more convoluted than Rashomon. Which of these narrators is most reliable?

2. What Do the Rest of Goodie Mob Think?

Will they have Cee Lo's back? If proven guilty, what will they do/say? And where is Danger Mouse?

1. What the Fuck Is With that Hat?

This hat.

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