Five Reasons to See Lady Gaga Live in Fort Lauderdale, March 15

Five Reasons to See Lady Gaga Live in Fort Lauderdale, March 15

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We're not sure when Lady Gaga's reign as queen of weird will end. Truth be

told, we're hoping it's not anytime soon. She offers the most wonderful fashion inspiration. It's because of her that we wore a hamburger meat bikini to the beach last weekend! Thanks, Ms. Germanotta.

Yesterday on Twitter, Mother Monster made the announcement that her controversial "Born

This Way Ball Tour" would be making its way to North America. Floridian

Little Monsters will be happy to know she's making two stops in the

area, one at BankAtlantic Center on March 15 and another at American Airlines

Arena on March 16. According to, Livenation will be revealing more information on ticket sales on September 18.

Here are five good reasons you should attend Lady Gaga's "Born This Way Ball Tour."

5. There is a live birth onstage.
Technically, it's not a "real" live birth. But Lady Gaga makes her way onto the stage during "Born This Way" via a blown-up fishnet, high-heeled wearing, pregnant lady's crotch. Now where the hell else are you going to get that type of experience?

4. She brings some lucky fan onstage during the show.
AND IT COULD BE YOU!!!!! Imagine what that would be like. Would you pee your pants? Would you faint? We'd probably pass out, ya know, just so we could get brought backstage. Side note: How cute is that girl in the above video?

Five Reasons to See Lady Gaga Live in Fort Lauderdale, March 15
Photo by Sayre Berman

3. The fans.
Lady Gaga's fans show the utmost dedication in dressing up for her shows. Whether it's being inspired by a music video or Mother Monster herself, nobody arrives at her concerts in a pair of jeans and any old T-shirt. Sorry, Kiss fans, but Little Monsters are way more creative.

2. The stage show.
Who cares if you don't like the music; have you seen the tour footage from previous concerts? It's better than a Broadway musical. Usually done in at least four acts, Gaga's concerts include full on-stage set changes, an insane amount of highly constructed costumes, and a backup crew of dancers that make the ticket price worthwhile.

1. It's Lady fucking Gaga.
Sure, she's a little bit out there. But you can't deny the fact that she's talented. Say it! She's talented! It's OK; we won't tell your friends. Remember that time she played flawlessly alongside Elton John at the Grammy Awards? We do. It almost brought tears to our eyes.

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way Ball Tour," Friday, March 15, at Bank Atlantic Center, 1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise. Call 954-835-8000, or visit


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