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Five Reasons Why We Want Britney Spears on the X-Factor

Every now and then, Britney Spears makes an attempt to get back into the limelight. Whether it be with an album or a shaved head, she manages to keep her name in our circles of celebrity gossip.

Once again, she's making her way back into the spotlight, but this time it's going to be on television as a judge on the X-Factor. Over the past few weeks, there has been a constant discussion about whether she's going to sign a $15 million contract with the show. We're still not sure what the big debate is about, because honestly, what else is Spears doing? But despite her knack for train-wrecking on live television and in public, we're still standing in Britney Spears' corner.

So, with our fingers crossed, we've compiled a list of five reasons why we want Britney Spears as a judge on the X-Factor.

5. The possibilities for an on-air meltdown are endless.
Are we all forgetting the last few performance debacles made by Ms. Spears? How about the time she shaved her head and beat up a car with her umbrella? Or when she drove the car with the kid on her lap? Britney Spears is a never-ending train wreck waiting to happen. It's inevitable. Maybe she'll show up drunk.

4. She could eliminate contestants by hitting them with an umbrella.
No further reasoning necessary.

3. Her wardrobe selection alone will be worth watching.
Spears is infamous for not giving a shit what her wardrobe stylists might suggest. Mesh top and cowboy boots? Sounds like a great outfit to grab some coffee in. Hot pink wig that doesn't fit properly? Hey, at least it covers up her shaved head. Lingerie as outerwear? Perfect. Will they force her to use a stylist on the X-Factor? Or will her $15 million contract give her free rein for outfit choices? Here's hoping she gets to pick and choose.  

2. Watching her go head to head with Simon Cowell will be priceless.
Simon is notorious for being an absolute, well... ass. Will he give Britney a hard time like he did with Paula? Will they agree on eliminations or fight each other? Paula is a bit more outspoken than Britney, but it'd be interesting to see Spears speak up against the sassy Simon. 

1.Britney Spears deserves at least one more chance.
Scandals and jokes aside, Britney Spears is just a country girl trying to make it big. If Paula Abdul can get a few extra chances, why not Britney?

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