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Five Shows Under $10 This Weekend

February is a month known for two things: the Superbowl and Valentine's Day. Unless you are extremely stingy or don't celebrate these "holidays," this time of year is bound to take a slight toll on your wallet. Whether it's supplying supersize nachos and beer for a football party, getting your loved one that priceless (but not really) piece of jewelry, or buying your single self copious amounts of booze as you stay in on the 14, we at the New Times feel your pain. To aid you in this difficult time, we have five events under $10 that are bound to keep you happy and your wallet padded.

1. Paleface at DADA

10 p.m., Friday, January 31, at DADA. 52 North Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach. Visit Facebook. No cover.

Freak folky Paleface is a relatively frequent performer on the South Florida scene. He comes around about once a year. Friday, Beck's former roomie, Paleface, is returning to DADA. We promise he's hella good.

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2. Shotgun Betty at Dada

10 p.m., Saturday, February 1, at DADA. 52 North Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach. Visit Facebook. No cover.

Free concert, great drinks, delicious food (although, a tad bit pricey)? Count us in. But, we may just fill up on cheap snacks beforehand. Hell-oo, Pringles!

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3. 2014 Bloody Hearts Vampire Ball of Florida Pre Valentines/Anti Valentine Vampire Event

8 p.m., Saturday, February 1, at Alley Cat on Young Circle, 1820 Young Circle, Hollywood. Admission is $10 before 11 p.m. Call 305-942-8267, or visit Facebook.

If Halloween and Valentine's Day had a baby, this event would be it. Check out this pre-Valentine Day bash, but only if you're against the lovey-dovey holiday itself.

4. Joe Conti's 28th Annual Kids in Distress Benefit Concert Featuring David Shelley & Friends at the Funky Biscuit

3 p.m., Saturday, February 1, at the Funky Biscuit. 303 SE Mizner Blvd, Boca Raton. Visit Facebook. No cover.

What do Funky Biscuit and Trick Daddy both have in common? They love the kids. Come out to enjoy a fun concert that benefits the youngins. Everyone wins in this case.

5. The Creepshow Returns with Liberty Call, Die Trying, Plastic Pinks, Gold Hope Duo, and Askultura at the Monterey Club

8 p.m., Sunday, February 2, at the Monterey Club, 2608 South Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale. Visit Facebook. Admission is $10.

The Monterey Club just reopened, and as a result, we've noticed a sharp increase in live shows in Fort Lauderdale. This weekend, five bands are playing the Creepshow, including Askultura -- who is infamous for cursing in multiple languages -- and Miami punk guys Die Trying.

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