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Five Songs Guaranteed to Get You Laid on Valentine's Day

You've just spent the last few hours being wined and dined by your Valentine's Day date. He sent you flowers, bought you candy, and even wrote something extra special in that greeting card. And now it's time to head back to his house where the candles are lit and D'Angelo is playing on the stereo. Cheesy? Yes. Guaranteed to get you in the mood? Yes and yes.

Or perhaps R.Kelly's "Your Body's Callin" is more your style? What about Maxwell's "Til the Cops Come Knockin"? These tracks and a few more are definitely on our list of Valentine's Day after hours jams.

5. Justin Timberlake Featuring T.I.  "My Love"
JT's sexiness is undeniable. However, this pick might be a little controversial for the bedroom, since ya know, most of the ladies will probably thinking about Justin and not their man.

4.Keith Sweat "Nobody"
Let's be real though, pretty much Keith Sweat anything and everything will make the pants drop. 

3. Depeche Mode "In Your Room"
I'm hanging on your words/living on your breath/feeling with your skin. With lyrics like those need we say more? And yes Dave Gahan, I will lead you to my armchair and my bed and my kitchen floor.

2.TLC "Red Light Special"
Remember back in the day when this video would come on and if your parents were in the room, you'd immediately switch it? This song is without a doubt off the chart hotness. I honestly feel a little embarrassed watching it at work.

1.Boyz II Men "I'll Make Love to You"
Much like the video above, as a teenager I was not allowed to listen to this song at all. But hey, light some candles and throw this on the stereo, done deal.

Honorable mentions:
Robin Thicke "Lost Without You", Jace Everett "Bad Things", Janet Jackson "Anytime, Anyplace", Jon Secada "Just Another Day", Tito & Tarantula "After Dark"

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Betsey Denberg

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