Five Steps to Prepare for Sunday's Big Beat III Event

​​​Human beings have been drumming for thousands of years. In different scenarios, the act of slappin' the skins has served as a way to communicate, celebrate, rally troops, and of course, annoy parents and neighbors. This Sunday, at Hollywood's Art Park, human beings will be drumming for a very specific and important purpose: to ensure that the beat goes on in local public schools.

The Big Beat Event, now in its third year, involves 15 cities in simultaneous drumming in an effort to set a world record and raise money to buy drumming equipment for public school music programs. Among the players will be world class drummers and beginners alike. We here at County Grind want to do all we can to ensure that the rhythmic rumble is as strong as can be, so we figure it couldn't hurt to offer our readers a few pointers just in case we aren't all Lars Ulrich status drum gods just yet.

1. Dig deep inside and find your rhythmic flow. When you find it, you'll know because it will have taken the form of an animalesque, alien creature (perhaps).

4. Shake your booty! Let the rhythm flow run wild!

5. Grab a drum and let 'er rip!

The Big Beat III. 5:45 p.m. Sunday, November 7 at ArtsPark at Young Circle, Hollywood Blvd. and Federal Highway, Hollywood. Tickets cost $15. Preregister by November 6 at 6 p.m. to participate. Click here.

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