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Five SunFest Acts We'd Like to See Tupac's Hologram Perform Alongside

OK, South Florida. We're going to ask the question you've all been thinking about since the lineup for SunFest was announced: Will Tupac make a SunFest appearance? 

Yes, we know he's been gone from this Earth for 16 years, but if you remember, his specter was witnessed with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre by thousands onstage at Coachella a few weeks back. We even put together a photo album of images of other dead celebs we'd love to see come back and kick it onstage. Snoop is appearing alive at SunFest on Thursday, May 3, at 9 p.m. But again, will Pac represent? 

Our main purpose in life is to sing "Gin and Juice" with the kryptonite-loving rapper live. Certainly, we won't make it on to the stage next to Snoop D.O. Double G, but if Snoop does bring Pac to perform with him in West Palm Beach, will you see us cry? Yes. 

What we're really wondering, though, is who else Makaveli should take the stage with at SunFest? Click over for some suggestions. 

WWCD: What would Creed do?
As we all know, Creed is a band that is a fan of J.C. Tupac's thug lifestyle wasn't exactly the kind of thing that goes hand in hand with (arms wide open) Sunday services. He did, though, believe in the Lord above as evidenced by "Only God Can Judge Me," which we would love to see his hologram perform with Scott Stapp. It will take you higher. Promise.

Third Eye We're Really Kind of Blind 
When you think of Third Eye Blind, you think "do, do, do, doo, do, doo, do, do" and you also think of crystal meth. There's no connection between Pac and tina, but he did sling some illegal substances at some point. The best part of "Semi-Charmed Life" is that children were singing about what they need to get through this life, and it was an amphetamine you inject into your ass. Pac could be veiled about his references too. When he sings, "I Get Around," he doesn't mean that he walks about everywhere; he means he sleeps around. Like has sex with a lot of people. (You're welcome for that explanation.)

Counting Crows as Biggie Stand In
Adam Duritz wrote a song called "Miami" that he should perform given that the metropolis is so near the site of SunFest. It is then that Tupac's hologram would whip out some "California Love." It'll be an East Coast/West Coast thing, but a peaceful one. Hopefully. 

Girl Talk Tupac
Girl Talk has sampled Tupac. Why not just do a whole Makaveli mashup? He could be there to sing along. It'll be how we want it. 

It's hard not to like Pitbull. Maybe his lyrics are a little simple and his songs too radio-friendly, but he's always dressed to impress in his little suits, and he's repping the 305 like no other right now. His most popular song, and maybe his best tune, is "Culo" (Culo! Makes you want to say it again, right?). Maybe he and Pac can do "Fake Ass Bitches," replacing ass with culo. Just a suggestion.

SunFest takes place from May 2 to 6 in West Palm Beach. Click here for full schedule and parking information. Snoop Dogg performs Thursday, May 3, at 9 p.m. 

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