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Five Things We're Most Looking Forward to at Radio-Active Records' 2013 Record Store Day

It seems like the majority of holidays these days exist for the sole purpose of playing on Americans' addiction to buying pointless things and feeding the hungrier-than-ever corporate beast. But not Record Store Day.

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Each year on 4/20, appropriately aligned with another of our more noble national holidays (duh, Marijuana Appreciation Day), record stores, record labels, musicians, and music lovers join together to honor, celebrate, and support a gasping animal -- your good ol' local record shop.

Fortunately, here in South Florida, the tradition remains alive at a few critical stores, providing small oases for independent and local music to thrive. One such venue carrying the torch is Fort Lauderdale's Radio-Active Records. Mikey Ramirez and the crew over there are hosting an all-day event this April 20, starting at 9 in the morning to properly ring in the seventh-annual Record Store Day. 

Last year's event drew a crowd of close to 1,000, and by the looks of the lineup of local music and exclusive nuggets, we can't imagine any fewer for 2013. Here are the top five things we're looking forward to most about celebrating this year's Record Store Day at Radio-Active Records in Fort Lauderdale. 

1. Free Beer!!!
If there's one thing we can all appreciate, it's a free beverage, but especially when it's our favorite kinds of beverages -- coffee and beer -- generously provided by Brew Urban Cafe and Gramps Bar in Miami. The libations will be flowing freely all day long this year at Record Store Day. And don't worry -- no one will care if you decide to skip the java altogether and start your holiday with an ice cold beer.

2. Live Music
Since Record Store Day is all about supporting local music, why not show yours by coming out for some of your local favorites? Among the live acts set to perform this year are Jacuzzi Boys, Shroud Eater, and Suede Dudes, with more to be announced as the date approaches. Chilled-out beat maker Millionyoung will also provide tunes during a DJ set, along with local causers of booty-shaking DJs Benton, Kems, and Lumin.

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