Five Uses for Lady Gaga's Polaroid Camera Sunglasses

Lady Gaga has made eye contact an acceptable means for social networking. On Thursday, Gaga helped introduce her collaboration with Polaroid, the Grey Label line, at International CES 2011. In addition to a 21st century version of the classic Polaroid instant camera and a wireless printer for mobile phones, Gaga has helped create a pair of sunglasses that work as a digital camera -- an idea hatched from a pair she fashioned out of iPod screens (!) a while back. Anyhow, the photos can even be displayed on the glasses' outer lenses, and we're betting that Oakley, already home to the MP3 player sunglasses, is pissed they didn't come up with this first.

In any case, these hi-tec specs won't be available for sale until much later this year. In the mean time, here are five moderately to extremely practical uses for the Lady Lenses, or Gaglasses.

5. Your Lying Eyes
Project pictures of your own eyes onto the screens to improve on that old ploy to make people think that you're fully alert. This'll help with snoozing through non-essential parts of your day like reading your Kindle, driving to work, and watching Grey's Anatomy.

4. Photojournalism in the Field
No more fumbling to position your phone for those WTF LOL Twitpics you always like to send out. We saw this lady with a crazy unicorn jacket exposing her bare butt the other day and we only managed to snag one shot before she got away.

3. Concert Photography
You're hitting Warped Tour and you're going to need eye protection to survive the summer sun anyhow. Pack light, and focus on keeping your balance instead of holding up a camera that's likely gonna get dropped and stomped on.

2. Hands-Free Facebook Photos
Raise your self-taken profile pic to another level with the ability to stand facing a mirror without worrying about properly angling your camera phone. Lindsay Lohan can have it so much easier from now on!
1. Wear them like Guy Fieri
 ...and truly have eyes in the back of your head.


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