Five Wildest Moments at Black Locust Society's End of the World Swarm

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5. There's no doubt the two-story-high shrine to the Mayan mayhem mumbojumbo stole the show. The BLS crew spent weeks perfecting their architectural masterpiece -- as if their collective talent wasn't already nauseating, right? -- and it suitably towered like a monument above the swarm below.

4. One of the perks of Swarm is definitely the endless supply of free booze, but for those of us with a dollar or two (or ten, whatever) to spare, the wheel-of-fortune-esque game station that's become a staple of all BLS events is forever a mystery. A surprise in every spin can win you BLS swag out the whazoo and, if you're lucky, a super tacky but amazing golden Buddha. Because, hell, why not?

3. Swarm 2012 literally had us headed for cover throughout the night as an anonymous group of pyromaniacal troublemakers launched firecracker after firecracker at often unsuspecting victims. No one was hurt in the warzone of schoolboy fun, but one or two side eyes thrown at more than a few guilty suspects. You know who you are.

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Lizzie Rae