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Five YouTube Femcees Better Than Kitty Pryde

Apparently there is a new YouTube femcee on the block. And she comes in the form of Kitty Pryde, a Daytona Beach tweenager. Just days ago Pryde's music video for "Okay Cupid" had the internet in an uproar. But, to be quite honest, we're still not sure what all the fuss is about. It's almost as though she's a hybrid version of Kreayshawn and Uffie.

Maybe we're wrong, and her brand of "dream pop rap" will become the next big thing. But, when YouTube sensations like Azealia Banks exist -- whose talent goes beyond just looking cute at a yard sale -- it's hard to believe Kitty Pryde will be anything more than a one-hit wonder.

As we wait to see if she scores a record deal, here's a list of five female YouTube rappers whose skills put Kitty Pryde to shame.

5. Iggy Azalea
This Aussie rapper started out with a dream of being just like TLC's "Left Eye". But when the other girls in her group didn't take it seriously, she embarked on a solo career. After uploading several freestyle videos onto a YouTube channel, Azalea became a viral sensation. But, it was her first music video "Pu$$y" that paved the way for her now flourishing music career.

4. Amy Heidemann of Karmin
This pick could be considered a little questionable since the majority of her rapping work is done through cover songs. But, you can't deny your jaw drops a little bit over the way she mimics the spitfire ways and breath control of Busta Rhymes on "Look at Me Now". Admittedly, I was a little disappointed that the group's original song -"Brokenhearted" ended up being very radio pop-esque. Although, "I Told You So" -- so obviously a FU to the critics -- makes up for it.

3. Angel Haze
Barely old enough to drink, Angel Haze is quite possibly the next big thing in the hip-hop world. The Native American emcee gained notoriety in the YouTube community when she began uploading her introspective freestyle rhymes over well-known tracks. She's got a way of flawlessly transitioning between rap verses and melodic singing parts. Two weeks ago she released her new EP Voice.

2.Snow Tha Product
Claudia Feliciano a.k.a. "Snow Tha Product" scored some serious viral hype after the release of "Drunk Love". Although it was barely promoted, the music video ended up in regular rotation on the Mun2 network. Following its success alongside several mixtapes, Snow went on to perform at SXSW and has recently signed a deal with Atlantic Records.

1.Nitty Scott MC
Based in NYC, the 21-year old Nitty Scott MC is working hard to take the hip-hop industry by storm. After building a following from the internet community and the release of The Cassette Chronicles, the femcee gained serious recognition after a breakout performance at the BET Hip Hop awards. Complex recently listed her as one of the "10 NY Rappers to Watch Out For".

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