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Flaunt at Respectable Street: Fashion Meets Music in West Palm Beach

As a culture, it's become second nature for us to gauge a person's musical taste based on the clothing they wear and the accessories with which they adorn themselves, or the modifications they make to their hair and bodies. There are some exceptions to the rule, but it's not likely you'll find those exceptions at Flaunt, a weekly fashion/music get-down at Respectable Street Café in downtown West Palm Beach.

That is not to say that the crowd isn't diverse; it takes all kinds to create a scene. That being said, a scene is formed by majority rule. In this case, the scene at Flaunt is hip, though not without a few Jersey Shore type wild cards strewn about (we easily counted four last week at the Dewars show -- not bad for a packed house though).

The evening begins around eleven, and, typically, it features a local act or two; a treat for early birds looking to get a sonic taste of the latest up-and-comers. The music seems to fall in line with that specific aforementioned culture -- anywhere from that alternative rock sound to what's come of college radio. There's plenty of time to grab a drink and mellow out for an hour, listening to some live tunes, because what follows is something you'll need to neglect your inhibitions for.

Once the guitars and drum kits are packed away, the first in a line of DJs begins. The lights begin to flash with the rhythm, and by the time you know it, you're Harlem Shaking your skinny jeans all over the hardwood dance floor. Each DJ seems to have a different style, but their consistency resides in the energy they maintain.

The patio is a whole other experience. For those who can't quite take what's going on inside, for whatever reason (we might be able to think of a few), the patio serves as a refuge for the verbally interactive as opposed to the rhythmically enslaved, physical interactive types inside. Dimly lit and well served by massive and enveloping tree limbs, which effectively provides enough cover in most inclement weather, the outdoor area is great for networking. Everyone in attendance seems to have something they're working toward relating to local music, art or whatever. Folks outside buzz, shaking hands and turning every so often to light someone else's cigarette.

If you're into being seen in the scene, every week Flaunt is captured on (digital) film courtesy of Zack Jones, who ensures you have every opportunity to tag yourself on Facebook in the wee hours of the morning after returning home. There are drink specials every week, also. And no cover.

So, if you think you have something to flaunt, check out Respectable's on Thursday nights -- and be creative about it. Hands down, the dudes were more fashionable than the ladies last week, though reports were that it was just an off night. You'll definitely find something worth returning to the next week.

Flaunt at Respectable Street, 581 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach. Takes place every Thursday night. This week's party, Montage plays in memory of Ray Pachter.

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