Flavor Flav Promotes His Fried Chicken Over Airplane Intercom, and Five Other Celeb Mile-High High Jinks

If God loved you, (s)he would have placed you on last Thursday's flight from Burbank to Las Vegas during which Flavor Flav presented inflight announcements. What'd our favorite clock-wearing Public Enemy have to say over the loudspeaker? First, he talked weather, then encouraged passengers to give a hand to their flight attendants and pilots. Next, he promoted the fried chicken and collard greens served at Flavor Flav's House of Flavor, his Vegas soul food restaurant. He ended, of course, by asking everyone to yell: "Flaaavorrrr Flavvvvv." TMZ has the full recording here.

Though this is one of the more delightful celebrity sightings on a plane, we thought we'd remind you of a few other strange things rich, famous, and privileged folks have felt free to do in flight. Like remember when Gerard Depardieu pissed in his seat or when Alec Baldwin's obsession with Words With Friends got him removed from a plane. Oh, and Kevin Smith was considered too "fat" to fit in one seat?

With a spotlight on musicians, read on for some mile-high memories.

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5. Rick Ross
Just this past fall, @RickyRozay seized on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis, forcing an emergency landing. South Floridians bit our nails and waited until Ross indicated via Twitter that all was good. Thankfully, it was only exhaustion, and Ross is very much alive and still tweeting.

4. Beyoncé and Jay Z
Former Destiny's Child gave her hubby, and new daddy, Jay Z an airplane for... no not Christmas or his birthday... Guess again! For Father's Day. Word is that the Hova was offended and returned it to the airplane store for a copy of Tina Fey's Bossypants (just kidding -- a plane. He got a plane.)

3. Kelly Osbourne
Not every airborne celebrity drama is funny. Poor Kelly Osbourne was spotted, drunk and weepy, on an Atlanta flight. Apparently, she got wasted and emotional over her brother Jack's MS diagnosis. Kelly's like our dream homegirl, so we can only wish her and her rock royalty family well.

2. John Rich
When a country singer is one-half of a duo called Big and Rich and he boards a flight from Vegas to Nashville, you expect him to be sloshed, even if it's before 10:30 a.m.

1. Billie Joe Armstrong
Armstrong was thrown off a plane for giving a flight attendant lip after she asked him to pull up his pants. Guess no one wants to see the Green Day frontman's ass? Next b-day, Billie gets a belt.

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