Flo Rida & MusclePharm Celebrate Corporate Love Match at His Flo Fit Gym in Pembroke Pines

Sitting courtside at a Miami Heat game, the rapper Flo Rida, bedecked in a shameless amount of gold and diamond jewelry, caught television analyst Charles Barkley's eye. To a national audience Barkley commented, "I would knock the hell out of him if I caught him in an alley. That's a million dollars right there!"

To make sure he can continue to afford this obscene show of opulence, as well as the muscle to ward off strangers in a dark alley, Flo Rida has sold his services to MusclePharm. He will represent the nutritional supplement company at events, star in a series of radio and online ads, and also develop viral exercise videos for the brand.

The company and Flo Rida will celebrate this union at a customer appreciation day next month at Flo Rida's own Pembroke Pines gym Flo Fit. Here are five guesses on what silly cross-promotions these two commercial entities might announce.

5. A series of fitness videos targeted at female audiences on how to blow his whistle.

4. Just as Flo Rida is sponsored by MusclePharm, Charles Barkley is sponsored by Weight Watchers, so might the two companies wager which celebrity can get in the best shape? The public can decide who wins with Flo Rida and Barkley walking down the runway in Speedos. The winner gets expensive Jesus jewelry.

3. A state by state PowerPoint presentation showing how in other cities Flo Rida will change his name accordingly. In Boston he will be known as Mass Choose It. In Denver, Call A Raw Dough.

2. In a fitness demonstration, Flo Rida will show how MusclePharm allows him to have the physique to bench press his necklaces and dead lift his rings.

1. A concert where each song will coincide with a set of exercises that will give you the gluteus maximus you always wanted. The set list will include "Low," "Running Back," and "Feel It." With the encore song being "Right Round."

MusclePharm and Flo Rida, customer appreciation day at Flo Fit, 12425 Taft Street, Pembroke Pines. Date TBA.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.