Flo Rida Sued by Canadian Company for $200,000

A Canadian company has filed a lawsuit against Flo Rida and is seeking $200,000 from the Carol City rapper.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in a Miami federal court, claims that Flo Rida's decision to cancel a recent Canadian tour was a costly breach of contract. Spin Artist Agency, the company that's suing, has demanded that the case go before a jury.

Also named in the lawsuit is LP Promotions Group, a Miramar-based company that appears to handle bookings for Flo Rida, whose real name is Tramar Dillard.

The Canadian company alleges that Flo Rida or one of his booking cronies canceled on a ten-stop tour on July 2, the day before the tour was supposed to get started.

A contract filed with the lawsuit shows that Flo Rida was guaranteed $18,000 to $27,500 per show.

It's not immediately clear why the shows were canceled. He announced the decision on Twitter and said it was due to circumstances beyond his control. He apologized to all his Canadian fans and said he wanted to "show Canada my best."

It'll be interesting to see how a Canadian company holds up in a Miami jury trial against a hometown hero.


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