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Flo Rida's Birthday Party Tonight at Opium -- Four Gift Ideas

Technically this is a belated wish, but Flo Rida's birthday party is tonight at Opium in the Seminole Hard Rock complex in Hollywood, and it's time to prep for the celebration. On Saturday, the Carol City native born Tramar Dillard turned 32, and for the many who were not able to be with him on that special day -- possibly he spent the entire 24 hours listening to his infectious new single, "Good Feeling" -- this is the time!

Because it is Opium, this will be an opulent night of high-class celebration. Dress to the nines, and females should arrive before 1 a.m. for free admission.

There are a ton of great things that Flo would likely appreciate as gifts to ring in this festive occasion at a club that actually can handle him. We've got four suggestions at the ready.

4. A Flo Rida tattoo to show him you care.
Now, Flo is a very wealthy man, and so it's important to think about gifts that will show your love and devotion to him. Showering the man with diamonds is like throwing a fistful of change at the toll booth attendant -- nothing surprising or impressive about it. But if you were to go the route of getting the rapper's face inked somewhere on your skin -- to show that he has inspired you as much as Jimi Hendrix, who is tattooed on his own shoulder -- that would be impressive.

3. Come in bumping some jams from Groundhoggz.

Everyone's got Flo's current hits on lock. The ode to the Apple Bottom Jeans with T-Pain "Low" will get some heavy play tonight, but what if you could show (or at least pretend) that you were down with Mr. Dillard's work from day one? Even before he made Ke$ha a star! Hit up YouTube to learn some songs from Flo Rida's old group, the Groundhoggz, and give the gift of sweet nostalgia.

2. Offer to be his designated driver.
This one is probably covered -- especially after Flo got in some trouble on Miami Beach back in June. But in all seriousness, dressing up in a fancy chauffeur's outfit and letting the man just sit back and relax is one of the finest presents someone can ask for on their special day.

1. Do Flo Rida's "Birthday" his way.

If you didn't already know, Flo teamed up with Rick Ross a while back on a song called "Birthday." In it, he proclaims, "I don't want no cake on my birthday, I want my cake every day, every day." So don't give him a cake unless you plan to keep it up, people.

In all seriousness, just show up and have a good time. Flo Rida likes to be surrounded by lots of people in the club, so see to it that he gets his wish.

Flo Rida Birthday Bash. Doors at 10 p.m. Monday, September 19, at Opium Hard Rock, 5729 Seminole Way, Hollywood. Click here.

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