FLOAT Cracked the Code on Creating the Perfect Pool Party at a Weston Mansion (PHOTOS)

It's totally possible that pool party history was made this weekend in Weston. Never had so many diverse yet legitimately twisted party-starters come together for the purpose of pure fun that far west in Broward County.

The FLOAT fiesta on Saturday took over the Jaffer mansion, a place that sprawls over five acres and has two delicious waterslides, a porno grotto, and plenty of poolside space to twerk. After a few prior successful events at the house, like Pinky Up, thrown by Pelvic Thrust (who were back spinning again for this SVVIM-hosted event), the blowout managed to bring partytime to the next level.

Pelvic Thrust DJs started the day out dirty and electronic, and Alejandro Sab cleaned that shit up with some crisp house. Former Power 96 DJ Epps closed out the night with filthy booty bangers and plenty of love calls to the Miami Heat. But it wasn't just the music that made FLOAT the straight jam.

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Jolt Radio came up from Miami to stream the whole shebang on the web. 2 Square arts collective wandered about with a massive plush and filthy My Little Pony in hand, spray painting wooden boards.

The crowd was a mix of normal just-out-of-college kids, barefoot and sucking down free booze from Solo cups, Boca college girls and hoochies in bikinis and high-heels (they really don't make your asses look that much better, ladies. Relax!), low level baller types, hip-hop kids, fashionistas, drunk dudes, and those interested in popping bottles and bottoms. Basically, everyone you need to make a day memorable and watchable.

Though the dancing got off to a slow start, by sundown, everyone was working off those free hamburgers they guzzled in the sun. People were showing skin and posing for pictures. Sounds a little grimy? Surprisingly, it wasn't. It was just simple fun.

A group of muscley young dudes took to playing soccer in the field between the main house, the VIP area -- which is actually Ali Jaffer's crib -- and the pool. Jaffer was letting a select few chill in his private corner of this world. A bouncer prevented most from entering, but inside, there was a mural made by 2 Square of Muhammad Ali and a tiger, a remnant of parties past. The rest will remain a mystery to y'all, but suffice it to say, it was pretty chill.

Before this, all we expected from an afternoon in a stranger's backyard is maybe a hot dog and beer, but, these guys warped our idea of a pool party. Especially because the soundtrack to our swim was incredibly. Epps took all the radio regulars and claimed them as his own. The second Alejandro Sab started spinning, ears perked and people stared, wishing they were drunk enough yet to dance.

And people kept coming out late into the evening. They came until they had to stop letting them come in. Like folks got turned away from a pool party in freaking Weston! Any way you look at it, the day was a well-run, not-sloppy, success, and we're looking forward to more parties that feel like private concerts at the Jaffer house.

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