Florida Musician Ellen Bukstel's Song About Amendment 2 and Medical Marijuana: "Who's the Pusher Now?"

It's hardly headline news to find a musician expressing enthusiasm for marijuana. After all, weed has been the drug of choice for the hippest players going back decades. Likewise, artists advocating for certain political causes have become an instinctual experience for many songwriters since the '60s.

These days, however, the need to take a stand seems more urgent than ever. And with Florida on the cusp of becoming the first state south of the Mason-Dixon Line to legalize medical marijuana, there's clear cause to speak out. At least that's the opinion of Ellen Bukstel, an artist and entertainer who's won the devotion and appreciation of the masses by appearing on both sides of the stage since she first began performing as a child.

Bukstel's become fired up (pardon the pun) by the stream of misleading ads and propaganda unleashed by those opposed to Amendment Two, the ballot proposition that would allow certain patients access to medical marijuana. She's fed up with what she sees as "pandering, fear-mongering, folly... deceptive attempts to fool people into giving up the freedom and choice in alternative ways to seek medical attention."

So Bukstel wrote and recorded "Who's the Pusher Now?" the latest in a series of politically inspired songs she's penned over the years and one that pointedly decries the government's war on drugs and insistence on imprisoning people who smoke for recreational purposes.

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Lee Zimmerman