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Flyer of the Week: Behold the Ruins and 8 More Bands at the Dugout September 19

​The untimely demise of DIY venue Goo has left Miami's young punks without an official clubhouse. Stepping into that void, there have been several semi-permanent and one-off party places -- House of Pain and the Warehouse, for example -- that ended up welcoming an orphan show or two. But, for the most part, those were quick fixes to immediate booking problems, not permanent solutions. These days, the only real, consistent presence on the all-ages scene is the Dugout, a squat little bunker out in the wilds of Doral.

That's not to say the Dugout has straight-up inherited the crowd that populated Goo. While there has been some migration since the latter shuttered near the end of July, the Doral spot doesn't really trade in gritty hardcore and thrash as much as a certain kind of metal-punk with a suburban edge. It's a brand that centers around a regular roster of local bands, many of them ganging together next Saturday -- including Behold the Ruins, Great Divine, Bell Towers Fall, Powa Kord, and Fuel the Flames as well as Faithscar, Zealot, the Perfect Defect, Handgun, and Murder at First Sight.

Now, show up and pay your ten bucks, but mind the underagers, meaning: "no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, and no fights."

Saturday, September 19. The Dugout, 7413 NW 54th St., Doral. Show starts at 6 p.m., and tickets are $10. All ages.

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