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Flyer of the Week: Christian Death at PS14 August 9

​It was 1979 and punk was being born again in the glitter-flecked primordial muck of Los Angeles. Late-blooming skinheads and bands like Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, and the Germs were bashing the West Coast hardcore scene into shape, using little more than blunt force. For most fans of aggro tuneage, this latest reinvention of outrage and anarchy seemed like a perfectly acceptable next step in the evolution of anti-establishment noise. But 16-year-old Roger Alan Painter hated that shit. To him, it was a neo-nazi meathead scene driven by hillbilly violence, sexism, and stupidity. And so -- outpunking the punks -- Roger renamed himself Rozz Williams, converted to the brooding ways of Brit apostles such as Genesis P. Orridge, and founded now-infamous goth crew Christian Death.

Important disclaimer: The band scheduled to show up this Sunday at PS14 is not the C.D. of legend. It is not the evil, buzzing machine that created the blacker-than-black sounds of Only Theatre of Pain. Fronted by Valor Kand and Maitri, the current incarnation of Christian Death laid sole claim (after years of dispute) to the name when Rozz Williams hung himself in 1998. In fact, it's a lineup that could be called "totally bogus." But then again, should anyone expect a 30-year-old deathrock act to be anything but a novelty sideshow? Guess not. So just pay your way into darkness and maybe you'll be lucky enough to hear the ghost of Roger Alan Painter puking in hell.

Sunday, August 9. PS14, 28 NE 14th St., Miami. Hosted by Notorious Nastie with DJs Dracula's Daughter, Aramis Lorie, Bloodfiend, Lady Anime, Gooddroid, Antichrist, and Andi Metro. Doors open at 8 p.m., and tickets cost $10 through Ages 21+ with ID.

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