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Flyer of the Week: Kreamy 'Lectric Santa releases Operation Spacetime Cynderblock


As wild admirers of Johnny Cash, Karl Marx, and Pee Wee Herman, the ex-Miami and now Oakland-based outfit Kreamy 'Lectric Santa makes a skuzzy, avant-garde sound that could be called "kinder commune rockabilly." But that might be short-selling a crew that's got as many facets as an LSD-25 trip in outer space. Thankfully in this age of Internet accessibility, you needn't waste time listening to some third-rate music writer struggling with the KLS conundrum. Just go here and have that mind excursion right now. 

Or, if you happen to be the kind of capitalist pig hooked on property ownership, you could always order a limited-edition $12 vinyl or CD copy of KLS' first full-length in 14 years, Operation Spacetime Cynderblock. Out now through, the album is a massive slab of consciousness-expanding stylistic schizophrenia.

As described in an official KLS memo, you should expect: "Musique

concrete, psychedelic, post-punk, free jazz, free country, bubblegum,

no wave, death metal, bluegrass, and other assorted crap." Sounds good?

Well, you should hear it live. But alas, there are no Dade-area shows

currently scheduled. Although, keep peeped to the band's MySpace because, if there's any balance to the universe, KLS will return home to Churchill's before the next lunar eclipse.

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