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Flyer of the Week: Monoblock at the Electric Pickle September 4

​Ever since wandering away from the pseudo-industrial barrios of their native Uruguay almost a half-decade ago, the dark, druggy boys of Monoblock -- Martin TC and Guikle -- have survived and thrived by zigzagging through the secret underground tunnels that connect all international party meccas. Thus far, the techno-house experimentalists have come surface-side for big gigs at distant spots like Berlin's Watergate, the Monza Club in Ibiza, and Brussels' Fuse. 

Finally though, next Friday, Monoblock will make the aboveground scene at our own Electric Pickle. Presented by Un_Mute, a.k.a. Benjamin Acero, the show will include support sets by local minimalists Dsan Powell, Mario Liberti, and Tuki Romero -- not to mention trippy visuals by Eli Q. It'll be so good that it's basically mandatory. 

Therefore, if you haven't already tasted Martin and Guikle's spaced-out, cerebral sounds, go cop your pass and your intoxicants, then meet us in the tunnel to the Pickle. When you hear that weird interstellar thunder that sounds like six separate stereos at the bottom of a hell-deep K-hole, playing Nintendo-ish blips and bleeps, thick bass thump, and whispery ghost vocals ... That's the Monoblock. 

Friday, September 4. Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Show starts at 10 p.m., and tickets are $15 through Ages 21+ with ID. 754-422-2917;

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