Talking Shit

Food Court Musical

I may be late to the Internet viral video game again with this one, but it made me LOL pretty hard so I had to share. Of course, the most common criticism of musicals is that in real life, people don't just burst into narrative song. But what if they did? This "mission" by the geniuses at Improv Everywhere set to find out in the food court of Los Angeles mall. Watch the whole thing, every minute or so a new character reveals him or herself. The sort of heartwarming thing is that random bystanders start out confused, and end up getting really into it and clapping at the end.

(BTW, Improv Everywhere are also responsible for that creepy-but-amazing Frozen Grand Central prank in New York recently, as well as several other music-related pranks, like the time they staged a fake rooftop U2 concert across the street from Madison Square Garden...) -- Arielle Castillo

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Arielle Castillo
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