Former Skatalite Member, Jah Jerry, Dies

Jah Jerry

It's come to the attention of Crossfade that Jerry Hines, founding member of legendary Jamaican group, the Skatalites, has died. The guitarist, who passed away last Monday in a Jamaican hospital, was 80-years-old. Better known as Jah Jerry, Hines helped push the sound of ska forward long before it became popular on a global level. Today, ska groups from Long Beach to Japan are making a living off of the sound because of pioneers like Hines and his Skatalite brethren. The group itself was started in 1964 and featured some legendary musicians such as Tommy McCook, Don Drummond, Jah Jerry, and Jackie Mittoo to name a few. We're not totally sure if Jah Jerry's last name was Hines or Haynes as both surnames seem to be associated with the guitarist. But regardless, it's a loss to the ska world and music world as a whole.

If you're not familiar with the Skatalites sound, the group still exists and tours so check the video below for an updated version of the group with the same, classic sound. --Jonathan Cunningham

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