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Fort Lauderdale Zombie Walk 2012: Five Favorite Undead Looks

If you missed the premiere of The Walking Dead last night, we're bringing you some brain eating, membrane covered zombie realness from Friday's Fort Lauderdale Zombie Walk to make up for any unsatisfied blood lust ya got. 

Swarms of rotting souls invaded the Green Room to get undead. Professional makeup artists were on hand to kill the masses with face paint. 
Black Friday's DJ Mike LinderSMASH led the way, wrangling walkers by way of a chainsaw. The smell of gasoline was preferable to the aroma of rotting flesh. 

5. Zombie babies
Nothing is more ironically disturbing than partying alongside dozens of not-yet-walking dead jits. They bobbed for apples like pros and jumped around the Green Room stage like true party animals in training. And who doesn't love bruised and bloody babies when it's not really a bruised and bloody baby? So freakin cute, right?! Well, it's something. Something that reminds us of Trainspotting.

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Lizzie Rae

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