Fort Lauderdale's Day of the Dead Celebration at FAT Village

​A review of the Day of the Dead Festival at FAT Village in Fort Lauderdale. View a slideshow from the event here.

Although remembering the dead brought the crowds to downtown Fort Lauderdale Wednesday evening, the event showed that the arts hub FAT Village is very, very much alive. 

Everyone associated with the Village, even the art walkers, should be proud. With everything opened up last night on NW 1st Avenue between Sistrunk Boulevard and NW 5th Street in Fort Lauderdale, a person could bum around for hours past a thriving gym being entertained. And that's the soul of an art walk.

The celebration kicked off a little after 6 p.m. with a skeleton processional starting at Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale, heading down towards FAT Village. Puppeteer Jim Hammond who runs a puppet design studio there yelled "maraichi!" and the crowd of folks either sporting masks or face-paint or inside puppets roared. With the start of the trumpet, a three-piece mariachi band led about 100 Day of the Dead walkers down Andrews Boulevard. A standout in the parade was a woman wearing a Fantasia hat, carrying a mop in both hands.

Let's end with some young, hot ladies:
Heads up: There is a FAT Village Art Walk the last Saturday of every month.

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Mickie Centrone