It's like a Western movie, but with a way better soundtrack.
It's like a Western movie, but with a way better soundtrack.
Courtesy of SOSOS

Fort Lauderdale's SOSOS Release New Album at Shade Post

Some bands like to unplug their instruments every once and a while and call themselves "acoustic." But when Fort Lauderdale's own SOSOS calls itself acoustic, it's an accurate description. 

You see, the band’s talent is comprised solely of electric-free music, unlike so much of the mainstream today. The band's impressive collection of cord-free instruments include four-way vocal harmonies, banjo, acoustic guitar, piano, violin, harmonica, pump organ, drums, upright bass, and lastly, an old turtle shell. So at least we know what happened to the tortoise after it beat the hare. 

The band will be releasing its appropriately named album Naturally at the new Fort Lauderdale’s art gallery, Shade Post. With no openers, the band will be your viewing pleasure all night. When asked how their third CD differentiates from their other two releases, acoustic guitarist/vocals/stomp box/shakers player Mitch Herrick replied, “Naturally is the first collaboration on myself and Chris Monteleone, in terms of songwriting. The album, as a whole, also has a more upbeat feel than its two predecessors, and more bluegrass influence.”

Herrick and Monteleone both seem to play the lead singer role, which is typically unusual in a band, but SOSOS seems to do very little by the book. Other band members include David Klein (shakers, tambourine, pump organ, vocals), Kelly Halloran (violin), Ben Manburg (upright bass, vocals) and Peter Vega (drums). The album was produced by SOSOS.

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The release party will have a $10 cover, which includes the CD and free craft beer from Pompano Beach's 26 Degree Brewing Company. After the party, the album can be downloaded from Spotify, Bandcamp, CD Baby, and iTunes. SOSOS has shared the stage with a wide range of acts, including The Doobie Bros, J.Cole, Goo Goo Dolls, Kid Rock, Bobby Lee Rodgers, Alice in Chains and more. We just can’t wait till they do their own tour so we can say, “Remember when?” Come out to the release party so you can say the same.

Friday, May 8, 8:00 p.m. at Shade Post, 16 NW 1st Street. Fort Lauerdale. $10 cover. For more information, visit www.sososmusic.com or visit Facebook.

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