Four Songs Not on Muammar Gaddafi's iPod

Without opening up some crappy dialogue across the genres here, it's the youth movements of Egypt, Tunisia, and hopefully Bahrain that will topple Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's dashiki-eclectic Pan-African scam soon. Granted, his oil interests have gotten the American subconscious, and that's good because we're close to four bucks a gallon on the East Coast.

Arab-American youth are fed up, and here in the Devil's grip there

are bands who recognize that this despot's pseudo-Islamist viewpoint is nothing

more than chicken-shit posturing! Lose the garb and lose the back-alley

deals with continental mujahideen who will not do right by your politics

when the walls come crumbling down. Enjoy our punk rock,

sharmouta! Here are four anti-Gaddafi songs to get everyone riled.

Secret Trial Five
Broads who wanna sodomize you in America's greatest factory!

Al Thawra
You hear that? That's Al Shaytan coming for your pathetic soul, asshole.

Fearless Iranians From Hell
Persians aren't even Arab! Yet they still hate you! Cuz I say so! Tongue-in-cheek! (White guys from California who saw the light!)

The Kominas
And just to end it, there's plenty of good ass under them burkas. My local Imam can call me.

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