Frantik's "Dead Grass in Graveyards" is Another Righteous Jam

Frantik's been bombarding South Florida now for some time with some righteous lyrics that are equal parts thought-provoking, tongue-in-cheek, positive and tough. And what makes the seemingly disparate amalgam is predicated by the fact that the toughness is not macho posing, it is inflection and execution that toughens the joint up.

This here track, produced by Synonym, is from his full-length effort On the Brink of Insanity and like another MP3 of his that we featured before, "Eye of the Beholder," Frantik tackles theology in an astral plane of sweet raspberry reverb heightened by the soars and dips of hallucinogenic and paranoid keyboards that lend an ominous feel.

But the omens are tempered by an underlying positivity that is refracted in the observations of humankind's fascination with death and the ritual of death without naming actual religious denominations. It is not so much a glorification of death as it is a celebration of life, which is the essence of maintaining a loved ones grave.

Pick up the album, the quality of his work is all filler, no killer. This is thinking-man's hip-hop. That's a good thing.

MP3: Frantik - "Dead Grass in Graveyards"


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