Free 25-Track Livid Records Mixtape
Helena Garcia

Free 25-Track Livid Records Mixtape

Well, free "digital" shit anyways, which is what all you kids like because you're all iPod-heads. But it's good; it's a 25-track mixtape from pretty much everyone on the Livid Records roster who has delivered and/or will deliver soon.

There's a new Getback tune that will be coming out on their second full-length effort (and first for Livid), the Crumbs get wild with "Son of a Gun," while the Furious Dudes get even more furious with "Song 8," a song so furious that it needs onlya numerical assignation!

And the mixtape/comp is international too with some work by Switzerland's Daze and Iceland's prodigal sons Pool Party. And while there's a lot more to enjoy, the compilation is a good and free introduction to a local label that parries well among punk rock, indie rock, and nuances of metal.

Don't be a jerk, and download it here.

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