Free Local Music: C-Ride's "The Arab Store" Album Exec Produced by Cool and Dre

C-Ride is a Carol City rapper well known in Miami's underground. You can hear his name ringing in the streets from Richmond Heights to County Line Road and past. He has a new album out called "The Arab Store" and it's available as a free download through his website. The album is executive produced in collaboration with top chart representing super-production team Cool and Dre who have co-signed C-Ride's skills since early on in his career.

C-Ride has a major label deal with Polo Grounds Music, but he says, ""I grew tired of waiting for the album to be released through my major label. I rather have hundreds of thousands of downloads and have people listen to my music than none at all."

"The Arab Store" is a reference to the mom-and-pop kwik e marts on corners all over Dade. Where according to C-Ride "You can find whatever you need is in the Arab store-a toothbrush, cereal, a tire. My album is just that. If you need it now, whatever you need, whatever you want, whenever you need it, it's gonna be right there."

Download the album for free at c2daride.com.

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