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Free Podcast from DJ Alex Caso Features "Miami Stoner Disco"

alexcaso.jpgFew local DJs in any genre have such a scarily deep and broad knowledge of music as Alex Caso. Able to wax poetic on and dig deep into any genre from psychedelic garage nuggets, to Jamaican rocksteady, to robotic electro, Caso's consequently spun everywhere from straight-up raves to hipster hotspots. (He's also used the monikers Cookieheadz and Sad Tiger, among others). He's proved a little more elusive lately (or, selective about where he spins, or less willing to deal with scenester douchebags), but can still be heard out, usually at the Vagabond for its Shake Thursdays party.

Still, for fun, Caso is putting together an occasional series of podcast/mixes for fun and free download. This first is "an expose on the Miami Stoner Disco movement, with a fixation on crass humor and a 60-minute stoner disco dance mix." After the jump, get the link for download and the track list.

-- Arielle Castillo

Click here to download Alex Caso's Miami Stoner Disco Movement podcast.

Track listing
00:23 Burning Hand Theme and Intro
01:49 Episode 1:Miami's Stoner Disco Movement
06:10 Mix: 1.intro/Daestro - Light Powered
08:23 Mix: 2.Metro Area - Tonky Pumps (cookieheadz manga edit)
11:47 Mix: 3.Royksopp - Only This Moment (forsiktge massasje mix)
14:45 Mix: 4.Deadbeat - Boil - Cookeheadz edit
15:44 Mix: 5.Luci - Rappaton/Stacey Q/CHZ edit
16:44 Mix: 6.Matthew Dear - Elementary Lover (CHZ fast edit)
19:27 Mix: 7.Ernest Saint Laurent/Royksopp - Remind Me - Moonfish mix
22:00 Mix: 8.Feadz - Edwrecker
24:16 Mix: 9. FPU - Crockett's Theme (faster edit)
26:53 Mix: 10.Mr. Flagio - Take A Chance
30:27 Mix: 11.Chemical Bros. - Life is Sweet (Daft Punk Remix)
31:34 Mix: 12.Saint Etienne - Conchita Martinez
33:49 Mix: 13.Georges Vert - Electric Bird
35:35 Mix: 14.Waterford Landing - Theme From Through The Night (fast EdiT)
37:34 Mix: 15.Santogold - Shove it - (get rid of spank rock, he really sucks edit)
40:19 Mix: 16.Treasure Fingers - Cross Dancefloor (lifelike rmx) - CHZ edit
43:08 Mix: 17.Moby - Heaven (Treasure Fingers CHZ blend)
45:23 Mix: 18.Kelley Polar - Ashamed Of Myself (moby chz blend)
49:40 Mix: 19.Daso - Meine
52:24 Mix: 20.Anubian Lights - Fur Immer Und Ewig (Daso CHZ blend)
54:25 Mix: 21.Disrupt - Riddim Grid (anubian CHZ blend)
58:07 Mix: 22.Booka Shade - Charlotte/Mr.G
60:00 Mix: 23.Audion - Just Fucking/Luke Solomon - Spirits (prins Thomas Disko)


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Arielle Castillo
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