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Free Sort-Of-Not-Really Local MP3s, from This Is Ivy League

ivyleague.jpgIf you're in the up - to - 24 demographic, then you may have already heard of the Brooklyn indie-pop duo This Is Ivy League. Or, if not, you've almos definitely heard of the band in which its two members, Alex Suarez and Ryland Blackinton, play as their "day job": Cobra Starship.

Wait, adults, don't get scared! This is Ivy League sounds way different (in fact, the project began in 2005, way before the Starship took flight). There are no high-gloss, swollen-gland hooks here. Instead, you get strummy, catchy little ditties that should appeal to twee sweater-wearers. Personally, I could do without the faux Scandinavian accents that sometimes creep in on the vocals, but that should give you a clue as to where ...Ivy League's influences lie.

Ah, but where's the South Florida connection? Both Suarez and Blackinton grew up in Boca! A few years back, if you attended Miami indie dance parties at places like Soho Lounge, you probably heard Suarez's sets on the decks. Further, the band's debut album,  was released this past April on Twentyseven Records, which is the project of Clyde Barreto, a New York transplant originally from Broward. Yay for the diaspora of South Florida ex-pats.

As an early holiday present to you, here are three free MP3s from the band. Enjoy.

-- Arielle Castillo

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