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Fresh Out of the Deck: Obama's Mixtape for Romney

Here at County Grind we thought it wise to refrain from overt political leniencies during these electoral times. And we know how some of you think, that we're too flung one way or the other, and according to some elderly gentlemen outside of our favorite cafecito window, we're "un periodiquito izquierdizta".

Uhm, oooooookay.

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However, since we only care about music (and maybe your clicks), we can take a jovial look into these past debates and share with you the recently dubbed mixed-tape that President Obama made for Romney. It's true! Obama's already known for his eclectic sense of music that borders on dashiki folk pop, and as Commander in Chief, probably gets juicier music gigs that we lowly scribes could only dream of. So here's a sample of what's "in the mail" for presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

We'll of course post his retort once he dusts his hi-fi and gets to selecting.

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Abel Folgar