From the Vault: Protoman's "I Wanna Be a Superstar"

Protoman is a society man. Well, a Black Locust Society man. Along with fellow BLS musicians, he represents the 954 in words and with beats. The Fort Lauderdale hip-hop artist dug into musical tracks of times past and came back with a gem. This gem is called "I Wanna Be a Superman."  

"Years ago, I stayed all night on a Friday and made this," he tells us. Laying down vocals over a nameless beatmaker's track, he mixed the song and went to bed. "When I woke up Saturday to reopen the session with fresh ears, the files had corrupted. My work was lost," he recalls sadly, "but I still had the quick rough mix that I bounced down the previous night."  

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Apparently, Protoman says he never found the time to finish the song, but after stumbling upon it the other day, he thought, "This is dope. Why not share it?'' Alas, we received a copy of his unmixed dope demo. Listen to "I Wanna Be a Superman" here. 

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