Fsik Huvnx or David Brieske: the Visual Side of Musicians

Sometimes it's hard to explain to outsiders just how rich and deep culture truly runs in South Florida. Blame it on Miami Vice or the excesses of ruinous Fort Lauderdale Spring Break youth behavior. It's just not easy to break the stereotypes. At least we locals can take some comfort in knowing that we know what's up.

There is a large contingent of musicians down here who are also visual artists. In this series, the Visual Side of Musicians, we will showcase their dual natures and help promote across creative outlets the communal fabric that makes our tip of the U.S. a unique and fun place, regardless of others' perception.

David Brieske is a local painter and collage artist who has for the last five plus years operated as Fsik Huvnx. His is an ambient/experimental project that has involved the improvisational use of digital applications with the organic ruminations of found objects and tweaked instrumentation.

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If it sounds heady and complicated like modern art, be warned that it isn't, because its aural complexity does not detract from the fact that the end result is delightful and quite frankly relaxing. Brieske manages to bring his 2D experience to his sound and after hearing, one can see the musicality of his visual work.

"Music has always affected my visual art," explains Brieske. He listens to music while he paints. It not only helps him stay focused, it also influences the art. "Most of what I listen to is abstract music that has a more visual feel to it. For me, it is easy to conjure up images through this type of music." He says he hasn't been painting specifically lately, but that when he does work, he asks himself: "Will this album be good for painting?"

Other Electricities recently released his first full-length cassette of compositions, Sarmoung. It is a fully-realized product that relies on itself for build as it stages the cadences of droning ambient into one organic sweep of draping sound. You can purchase a copy on the label's website.

He started work on tracks sometime around 2012 and it took about a year to fully compose. "I hardly remember recording some of them," Brieske admits. "With no preconceived idea, the pieces began with improvisations on guitar or synthesizer, or other previously recorded material." From there he edited out what didn't work and added what did and continued to record new sections. Overall, this sort of long process, he says, has added "to the mystery I intended to instill in the music."


Stay tuned in as we continue to showcase the visuals and sounds of another South Florida artists who are also musicians.

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