Things To Do

Funkey Nutz

When the City of Delray Beach needed some room to build a new parking garage downtown last year, there were some unfortunate casualties, and the debauched dueling piano bar Hugh Jorgan's was one of them. Now with a new name and a new home near Mizner Park in Boca, Funkey Nutz, as it's now called, is back in full swing. Inside, dueling piano players entertain the crowd with by-request pop songs, both classic and new, only the lyrics are often replaced with naughty phrases. Most of the laughter is old saw (think loads of dick and fart jokes), but the show's not bad, especially during piano-led renditions of Enter Sandman and Pour Some Sugar on Me. The drink menu is full of cleverly named concoctions like the Boca Bitch and the Blow Job, and the ceiling is lined with bras and G-strings — ladies can donate their unmentionables in exchange for a T-shirt. The whole thing was feeling a little silly to me, but then two longtime regulars sitting close by, Heather and Lisa, decided to perk me up. I asked Heather which version of the bar she liked better, and she said that the vibe at Funkey Nutz wasn't quite the same as it was at Hugh Jorgan's. But about halfway into the 32-ounce rum nightmare she was drinking, Heather jumped up on stage to participate in a version of Joy to the World that involved nothing but a lot of groping. Minutes later, her bra was up on the ceiling, and I was having a good time too.
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John Linn