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Further Seems Forever

Less than a decade ago, it seemed that Broward County was known for its emo-pop heroes. John Ralston was getting started, Recess Theory was making waves, and New Found Glory and Dashboard Confessional were breaking out and becoming darlings of MTV. Anybody who paid enough attention could credit South Florida as a significant reason that emo-pop got off the ground nationally in the first place. Unfortunately, bands seemed to pop up, blow up, and disappear shortly afterward. For a relatively short time, Further Seems Forever was at the center of it all. Based out of Pompano Beach, the group existed only from 1998 to 2005, at which time it went on hiatus, played a few final shows, then officially broke up in early 2006. But the impact the band had on both the local indie scene and as a mistakenly labeled Christian rock band was huge. Temporarily fronted by Chris Carrabba, who left to start Dashboard Confessional, the group put out music that was hard-edged in instrumentation yet soft-tongued when it came to lyrical content. The Final Curtain is a recording of its farewell concert, and the band´s hits, such as ¨Hide Nothing¨ and ¨Moon Is Down,¨ are all here. The disc also includes previously unreleased tracks, Carrabba-era material, and a bonus DVD with concert and behind-the-scenes footage. The Final Curtain flows like a greatest-hits album and definitive film on the band. In the era of modern packaging, that´s as good as it gets.
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Jonathan Cunningham