Further Seems Forever Drummer Guns for Ms. Pac-Man Record

Nope, not a typo. Further Seems Forever drummer Steven Kleisath is going for an honor just as (if not more) elusive as winning a Grammy or performing at Madison Square Garden -- he wants to record the highest Turbo Ms. Pac-Man score of all time. Aiding him in this pursuit is Arcade Game Sales in Fort Lauderdale during a special event scheduled for Sunday, November 6.

On that date, classic arcade games and pinball machines will be available for unlimited play during a daylong expo. "I already officially have the fifth-highest score in the world on the Twin

Galaxies scoreboard, so I am trying for better on this day," Kleisath notes.

Arcade Game Sales owner Robert Childs will not only be attempting to reach the world

record for Tempest, but his buddies Billy Mitchell and ref Todd Rodgers, who both appear in the arcade cinema classic King of Kong, will also be on hand. Refreshments will be sold by Undergrounds Coffeehaus,

and Jinx Remover will screen-print retro arcade game T-shirts live.

Arcade Game Expo. Noon Sunday, November 6, at Arcade Game Sales, 829 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. No cover. Click here.

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