Further Seems Forever's Steve Kleisath: My Top Five Arcade Video Games

Vintage arcade gaming ain't easy -- and Steve Kleisath, drummer for local emo legends Further Seems Forever, has taken it upon himself to keep the vintage machines alive and relevant in South Florida. In October, Kleisath helped get the word out for his try at the Ms. Pacman high score at Arcade Game Sales in Fort Lauderdale, just a few storefronts down from the new Radio-Active Records location. Now, the outpost of pixelated spaceships, ghosts, and racecars is starting a regular Friday night party for dedicated gamers.

Ahead of tonight's event, we asked Kleisath to run down his favorite classic arcade machines.

5.Punch Out/Super Punch Out/Mike Tyson's Punch Out

"My favorite fighting

game indeed. You are literally sticking and moving like you are actually

in the ring."


"A less-known game but a great game where you are manning a

ship and firing at enemy flying objects and different land stations that

are trying to kill you."

3. Donkey Kong/Mario Bros/Super Mario Bros


love the classic Mario games. The structure and creativity of the boards

and levels are second to none."

2. Q*bert

"Loved the cartoon as a kid, and am still striving to get better in this game."

1. Ms. Pac Man

"I currently have the 5th highest score in the world in that one, and a machine of it at home, and I have always excelled the most at this particular game."

Honorable mentions: Elevator Action, Mortal Kombat, Kung Fu Master, and Spy Hunter.

Retro Video Game Friday. 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. at Arcade Game Sales, 829 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. $10 for unlimited play. Click here.

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