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Fusik - South Florida Global-Breaks


Lurk on this suckas. Fusik aka Only Few Are Sick aka play this shit loud til the old lady next door shakes her fist at you then realizes she might as well be dancing and then starts shakin it like a hot tomato aka I found this shit on the nerd-wide-web and it sounds pretty fuckin good. I call it "global-breaks," it sounds like world music sonically engineered for the breakdance. This shit's bigger than Tom Petty bitch, ask Nino Brown. Here's the band's description of itself, from myspace

"For those who are just discovering FUSIK, heres the pre-requisite knowledge....we are a band of musicians/artists that are determined to bring back the original fundamentals of Hip Hop music to the masses. Hip-Hop was a counter culture created by the urban Youth for the urban youth, as a healthy, positive means of expression and emotion in the face of the poverty and social opression. Fast foward twenty years and now you find "Hip-Hop" on all corners of the Earth. The problem? The music too often doesn't reflect the culture of the people, more often...it reflects nothing but empty values and superficial wealth. FUSIK has been created to re-instate A PURPOSE in Hip-Hop music. FUSIK has been established to re-introduce the BASIC FUNDAMENTALS of the Hip Hop culture to the youth and the world. FUSIK has been formed to provide an identity that people of all races and backgrounds can relate to. FUSIK.....taking all the elements, creating new compositions to bring everyone together in the name of true HIP-HOP.....thank you for checking us out....hope to see you at a show...because we know you will not leave the same. Peace and Blessings -Anton Sanchez"

Go to FusikMusik.com for more info

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