Futurisk's "Meteoright" Gets the Remix Treatment, 1982 to 2013

If the Screamers and the Units were revamping the musical landscape of California with digital forays into synth rock back in the late '70s, early '80s, it goes without question that Jeremy Kolosine and his Futurisk racket was doing the same for South Florida and the Eastern seaboard roughly at around the same time. We, of course, are more partial to our locals, so we like to herald them pioneers whenever we can.

Posted recently to his Facebook page, here is an interesting remix of their track "Meteoright" from their awesome 1982 Player Piano EP done by 8-Bit Operators henchman Bacalao. It is an interesting capsule for a number of reasons, the most immediate being how the song still inspires bodily movement, unseen video footage and Marty Thau, Lola Dutronic and Martin Rev getting the Max Headroom treatment in an "Atari micro-chip music assault."

Go on, turn the lights low, and dance.

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Don't be later than you already are in picking yourself up a copy of the partial Futurisk discography here.

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