G-Eazy Plans to Get "Loaded" at Revolution Live Tonight

What exactly is G-Eazy referencing throughout "Loaded," his new single with salaciously the greasy MC, Carnage?

Does he mean to signify that his stacks are fat, and, you know, he's got money in the bank? Or is Eazy talking about getting "wasted," in this particular instance, "White Boy Wasted," off all the crunk juice and drugs.

Or do we need to take a visual cue from the song's video, and assume "Loaded" is another way of saying "nuclear badonk" or "righteous bootay."

He very well could be talking about all three, because, after all,

language is fucking dead. Did you know that teens and young adults in

Great Britain use the word "book" as a stand-in for "cool," because the

former is the first thing that comes up on their auto-correct when they

try to type the latter?

Anyway, if an Abercrombie blend of a badder

Asher Roth, a whiter Sean Kingston, and a more thuggish ruggish LFO -

with a light seasoning of pseudo-bro-step and allusions to Sisqo's

pre-9/11 opus, "The Thong Song" - sounds like a book time, then we

recommend you hit up this guy's Revolution Live show and not miss the

opportunity to get "Loaded" with G-Eazy.

G-Eazy with Skizzy Mars, Hi-Rez, Will Brennan. Thursday, January 31. Revolution Live. 109 SW 2nd Avenue. Ft. Lauderdale. Tickets are $17.60 (including fes) through Call the box office at 954-449-1025 or visit

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Matt Preira