Garage Tapes: Destroyio Records and Guerrilleros de Nadie at Churchill's

Last Thursday, Destroyio Records invaded Churchill's again. And every species of Miami punk was there: Hialeah soccer hooligans, dreaded lezzies, Calle Ocho crusties, Subhumans squat rats, weekend anarchists, Misfits aerobics instructors, hardcore dudes with neck tattoos, etc. It was a mixed pit.

Everyone sipped some kind of clear alcohol from plastic water bottles hooked through belt loops or hidden in backpacks. A few chubby drunks (mostly female) would start a skank circle, throwing elbows into stationary targets. Things would flare up, then recede again. And crowd aggression continued to move in waves until, finally, Guerrilleros de Nadie stormed the stage and signaled the time to Destroyio some shit.


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