Garage Tapes: Lil Daggers Living the Poplife at Electric Pickle

Like vampires, hipsters are allergic to the sun. Sometimes even moonbeams. So, last Saturday, it only made sense that the Electric Pickle's upstairs romper room was darker than a fucking coffin for Lil Daggers' set. The only light in the room was the ambient glow of BlackBerrys mid-text and a faint red haze floating above the stage. Nothing powerful enough to singe hipster skin.

Unfortunately, what's good for the milky white epidermis of cool kids isn't good for the art of video. So the clip above focuses on the only members of the band visible in all that lightlessness -- guitarist Gringo de Oro and drummer Eagle Eye. Here they are thirty minutes past midnight, flailing through a rave-up rendition of "King Corpse." Not seen: Jacob strangling his bass in the shadows, Pablo Jr hunched over the keys like a werewolf, and singer Vampiro creeping around in a cloak and screaming wildly enough to wake the undead.

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