Gavin Rossdale's Chooses Burn Notice Over Bush -- For Now

Gavin Rossdale's stony gaze is heading back to television for a villainous run on Miami-based Burn Notice's fifth season, which begins June 23.

Admittedly the first thing that came to mind was Michael Weston's sidekick Sam (Bruce Campbell) doing a lounge cover of "Everything Zen" in the style of his Duran Duran Old Spice ad. Unlikely. Instead of playing a rocker like he did on Criminal Minds, the Bush frontman joins the USA covert ops show not as himself, but as "Armand, a wealthy and powerful villain with a hand in nefarious projects all over the world."

Since this appearance doesn't occur until the eighth episode of the season, there's still a chance that Mr. Stefani is headed to South Florida to film his scenes in the next few weeks. Even if you don't watch the show, appreciate that every little extra-curricular activity further pushes back the release of the long-gestating fifth Bush album, a nefarious project by all accounts.

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